What is it?∨∨

Inter-Accions is a framework from which new “professional” learning models are explored in self-managed spaces that, by taking advantage of the system’s vulnerabilities, eliminates the boundaries of the institutional spaces of reference.

Inter-Accions began as a self-managed interuniversity project. We started as students and aimed at students of art and architecture. It was proposed and activated because of the need to open autonomous and interdisciplinary learning spaces within the same university institution. The main objective was to build a space for collective experimentation wherever possible for the exchange of tools and knowledge that far exceeded the discipline itself. From this critical perspective, since 2012, a series of activities have been developed to generate, based on collective work with various agents, useful methodologies, practices and criticisms applicable to the respective fields of work.

However, in 2016, Inter-Accions takes another step. Keeping the idea of a laboratory space, it proposes weaving a network of agents of all fields of knowledge to create a space where it is possible to build learning communities comprising of people from different contexts and spaces; discussing and launching a cross-sectional model, hinged between institutional and non-institutional educational spaces.

Inter-Accions began in 2012 with the first project designed, directed and coordinated by Sergi Selvas, Marta Carrasco, Nora Arias and Borja L. Fermoselle. Since 2013, Sergi Selvas and Marta Carrasco (Mixité) have understood the challenge of continuing with the direction and coordination of the activities. Each project or activity, however, has its respective collaborators, without which it would not be possible to develop any one of the proposals.