In 2013, after the first project with the Seminar and the Workshop in the Faculties of Fine Arts (UB) and the School of Architecture of Barcelona (UPC), several students and collaborating professors wrote in this publication, one of the firsts managed by students and with the edition of both universities.

2014 / Inter-Accions. Collective practices for interventions in the urban space. Reflections of artists and architects in a collective pedagogical context
Sergi Selvas & Marta Carrasco (eds.) Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona. Publicacions i Edicions and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Iniciativa Digital Politècnica. More information here. (In Catalan and Spanish)


2015 / Inter-Accions. Prácticas colectivas en el espacio urbano: un proyecto pedagógico entre arquitectura y arte. DEARQ: Revista de Arquitectura de la Universidad de los Andes, 16, 76-89. Monogràfic “Acciones Urbanas”. ISSN 2011-3188. Available online in Spanish

2015 / Inter-Accions. Una experiencia transdisciplinaria en un contexto pedagógico colectivo. REIRE, Revista d’Innovació i Recerca en Educació, 8 (2), 242-255. ISSN: 1886-1946. Available online in Spanish


2014, Octubre / Participation in the round table “Pedagogical Alternatives and School. Seminar on practical reflection on innovation and pedagogical renewal through artistic education. Debate, tools, methodologies and educational proposals”. Within the framework of Pedagogies de Fricció. Cicle Lesson 0, Fundació Miró, Barcelona.

2014, Setembre / Inter-Accions. A transdisciplinary experience in a collective pedagogical context. Presentation to the IV Conference on the pedagogical relationship in the university. Learn when you teach. Universitat de Barcelona.

2013, Setembre / Participation in the round table “Species of spaces: exercises about the city”. Within the framework of Sala d’Art Jove 2013, Barcelona.